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  • EVE

  • Dark Horse is proud to present a host of amazing books inspired by massively popular video games EVE VALKYRIE and EVE Online. In EVE: TRUE STORIES superstar writer Daniel Way tells the stranger-than-fiction tale of the most popular true story of the last decade, inspired by actual player-driven events within the universe of EVE Online. In EVE VALKYRIE superstar writer Brian Wood tells the origin of Rán, founder of the Valkyrie—the deadliest space-fighter pilots in the EVE universe! Created in close collaboration with the developers behind each game, EVE: SOURCE is your comprehensive source book and visual guide to the gargantuan universe experienced in EVE Online and DUST 514! EVE UNIVERSE: THE ART OF NEW EDEN reveals over a decade of images created during the development of EVE Online, DUST 514, and EVE: Valkyrie. It is the ultimate look at the most massive and dynamic universe in video games!